Novel, Complex, & Challenging

Acorn is a small software development shop that specializes in creating software solutions to complicated new problems. We don't work on retreads: we solve problems that haven't been solved yet — or maybe even attempted.

K-12 Education

We designed and built the URcast Network platform to bridge the digital divide in K-12 education.

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Pharmacy Management

We designed and built the Beacon pharmacy inventory management system for TCGRx.

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Wireless Framework

We created the NOMADS bandwidth-aware communications framework for the NC CCPS private mobile network.

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Network Monitoring

We designed and built IMAS, a network monitor that automatically generates trouble tickets, for the USPS.

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Cellular Operations

We designed and built system for managing configuration, status, and performance data for the Cingular Wireless.

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About Us

Acorn was founded in 1996 and since then we have served enterprise customers, small businesses, not-for-profits and government agencies. Sometimes it's a quick web application and other times we create an entire suite of applications. Most of our delivered solutions have been multi-tiered mobile and/or wireless in some aspect.


Our solutions are frequently built on Microsoft technologies that include: C#, .Net CLR, ASP .Net, WCF, Entity Framework, IIS, SQL Server, Azure hosting, Windows

Other common technologies that we use include: HTML, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, REST, Oracle, TCP/IP

Some more exotic solutions use: ATSC-M/H, Ham Radio, Atmel AVR

Contact Us

You can reach us at: